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DEMANDOO offers innovative tech-based on-demand insurance solutions for companies in the shared and gig economies. We offer unprecedented end-to-end insurance coverage that is simple, flexible, and affordable. We have partnered with the world's leading insurers and have the ability to meet both global and local regulations.


FLEX is a tech-driven company on a mission to take the self-storage industry into the future. By using our end-to-end logistic platform combined with our climate controlled, sensor equipped mobile storage room - we are able to provide affordable, hassle-free and transparent experience to our customers the way they deserve. No more trucks or annoying trips to the warehouse. Flex's platform brings your mobile storage room right to your doorstep at a click of a button.


MAYFLOWER ENTERTAINMENT is a consulting agency that connects brands with entertainment and pop culture partners to maximize advertising impact. Founded in 2016 by industry veterans Ryan Schinman and Lindsay May, Mayflower has offices in Los Angeles and New York City and a global network including partners in Tel Aviv, London, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Rome, and Moscow. Mayflower specializes in the procurement of celebrity talent and music for events, performances, appearances, advertising campaigns, and other marketing initiatives on behalf of clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to territory specific brands.


INCEPTION is the leading destination for virtual reality entertainment content, it brings immersive experiences to life – for everyone. The company’s apps deliver premium content to consumers worldwide. Through original formats, exclusive rights and creative programming, Inception showcases engaging experiences in heritage, music and culture - combining state-of-the-art technology, top creative talent and exclusive industry experts to redefine the process of creation, production, distribution and monetization. From vision to (virtual) reality, Inception makes it real.


JUSA COLD PRESSED is a wellness brand that provides a healthy, convenient, and affordable solution for all audiences. Jusa’s core product includes a range of cold pressed juices that maintain their high nutritional value (compared to the commonly found pasteurized juices with preservatives and sugar additives). Jusa also offers a variety of healthy snacks, healthy desserts, and detox programs. Jusa’s products can be found at its flagship store, online store, and through select partnerships. JUSA’s goal is to develop a community of likeminded people who want to maintain their current lifestyle, just with much healthier alternatives.


SOLIDIFY is an end-to-end platform aimed to help creators build and scale their business, collaborate, and master their craft. Our mission is to support every type of creator in building a successful profession based on their unique passions and talents. We provide creators with a suite of customizable management tools that allow them to build profitable partnerships and optimize their time. Our collection of features, from negotiation and communication tools to actionable analytics, provides creators with the ability to streamline and manage key processes like never before.


STERN ARIELY SAAR offers a holistic approach to PR, working in conjunction with advertising and BTL agencies, lobbying groups and marketing teams. Founded in 1994, SApr is an affiliate of the Cohen & Wolfe network and has been chosen as one of the top ten leading PR firms in Israel.



Events: For over thirty years, TSG has forged a tradition of excellence, working with high-profile and private individuals, Fortune 500 companies, and political leaders to provide unparalleled design and production services for both personal and corporate occasions.

Amenities: Through its Hospitality Consulting and Management division, TSG harnesses the company's full array of talent and experience to creatively spotlight products and to enhance environments with a variety of amenities large and small.


OAZIS provides unprecedented access to distinguished environments around the world. Our digital platform connects enterprises to hospitality spaces, creating the ultimate reward for travelers & locals and enabling hospitality players to better monetize their spaces. Oazis is about giving customers the opportunity to discover great local experiences, and improving the hospitality industry globally.

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