As a graduate of New York University’s Stern School of Business, Dean Stern has cultivated a deep appreciation for New York City and its vibrant culture. Dovetailing this appreciation with his love of wellbeing and hospitality has ignited Dean’s passion for the Lifestyle industry.

With extensive time spent living and working in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Tel-Aviv, Dean has his finger firmly on the pulse of the marketplace and an eye focused internationally. Dean draws upon his varied overseas business experience, and the outstanding leadership he was honored for as a combat unit commander in the Israeli Defense Force, to identify and expand the reach of promising and successful Lifestyle brands.

Driving SGG’s growth is Dean’s financial acumen, honed during his years in investment banking, working with major energy, industrial, real estate and telecom corporations in the US, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Armed with zeal for the Lifestyle space and an innate passion to create a one-of-a kind portfolio of timeless assets, Dean is committed to identifying and pursuing lucrative opportunities for SGG and its portfolio companies.

Dean Stern - Stern Global Group

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